About Us

Our Mission

Customization and minimalizaton are the foundations of EVAid. No one has time to trip over piles of junk they never use, and it's even worse with medical supplies! Chances are, you're stuck with the idea that you'd never know if you might need it for the future. Yet consumer research has shown most people don't use half of their supplies before the expiration date. We're here to save you money and space, where you need it the most.


Emergency Versatility Aid was founded in 1991 by childhood friends and business owners Stephanie Lewis and Paula Morris. Lewis, a food truck chef and Morris, a traveling ringmaster had frequently found themselves carrying an excess of medical supplies. Due to the nature of their nomadic businesses, they couldn't always order supplies in bulk nor spare the time to find the cheapest vendors. At the end of the day, they had huge amounts of various items left in their prepackaged kits.

One fateful meeting as the two griped about the lack of options which catered to their needs, an idea was born. What if customers got to choose what they needed, without having to overspend or waste time looking for the best value? If people could pick and choose what they needed, like with a menu, they could avoid wasting the things they don't want.